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Silkfair Custom Shop launches today – get yourself a nice little store!

We’re happy to finally announce the launch of the much-anticipated Custom Shop. The Custom Shop concept was conceived when we saw a huge gap and divide in the market. People had great blogs and websites, but not enough bandwidth to host their own shops. Because of this, most of them have stores on third party sites where they sell their items. While it is a great idea to have stores on third party sites, it still is something that hinders the experience that they are creating for their buyers. We’re referring to bloggers who already have followers, communities and brands.

The store on your site can look like just another page on your website – with the same background, graphics and look. There will be no logos or other branding elements of Silkfair anywhere. For all intends and purposes it will be your own personal store. In the background, however, it will be managed and supported by Silkfair’s strong ecommerce functionality – thus giving you security and comfort. You will be able to access the dashboard and listings by logging into Silkfair.

Setting up the shop is a simple process that only takes a few minutes. You can either choose from existing template designs or create your own. Template customization is also simple and intuitive — just about anyone can build their own stores from scratch without headaches.

To setup a store, you will need a user account to the main marketplace with verified credit card information. Once you have that up, you can list as many products as you wish. They’ll all appear on your site product page. Signing up for the marketplace is free. The fees associated with the Custom Shop are $24.99/month. I’m sure you would agree that it’s a bargain compared to what most of you are already paying for listing on some third party sites.

Other than all this, Silkfair’s support team is active constantly to assist you with your help requests. We also promote and market your site for you on our blog, forums, and newsletters. That’s free publicity.

Try it out – this just might be the practical next step for your business.

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