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This is a guest article written by Sana Salam on the rationale behind using blogs as a promotion medium for your products. Sometimes its not enough to just list your products on an online store, promoting them is as important. You have to get the word out to others so that they can be directed to your stores. Without getting the word out, there will be no traffic. We’ll continue this series with tips on how to effectively use Twitter and other social networks for promoting your stores. 

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I love shopping and reading blogs. So imagine my surprise when I realized that two of my favourite hobbies had merged into one! One fine day, I was browsing my Google Reader and I noticed a pattern. Some of my favourite bloggers had been using their blogs to talk about new and upcoming products in the market. These bloggers used their forums to speak about the product, explain its features and benefits. Also included was information on where you could buy it and enclosed was a special coupon with a discount that you could use when you were at the check-out counter! Blogs have become an important medium of dispensing knowledge about products in our society. They are an essential tool of not only the distribution of knowledge, but they also play a significant role in the promotion of products by non-traditional vendors.

Blogs are a fantastic space that allow for an online discussion and communication about products to take place. There is comment moderation on the posts that the administrator monitors on a daily basis. This is one of the best ways to get feedback about the product that is being promoted. Readers can write their own reviews and share personal experiences as well. Therefore, blogs provide a forum for sharing product knowledge between the blogger as well as the readers.

Getting paid to write about a product you love sounds like a great deal of fun, doesn’t it? Some blogs do this professionally and make a living out of it! For example, Gala Darling (famous Australian blogger, now based in New York City) loves informing her readers of the latest hair and makeup products by promoting them on her blog ( with a personal referral.

Sometimes she will also include a coupon code that enables the reader to get a discount on the product!

There are many different products that are being promoted on blogs these days. Most people use their blogs to plug their upcoming book or movie or even art! Neil Gaiman is a famous example. On his website, he informs the reader of where his books are available, when he is writing a new book. There is also a discussion of the behind-the-scenes of his film Coraline ( He also promotes figurines and books by other people.

Keiko Lynn (, which is now being shifted to uses to sell her re-constructed vintage clothing and accessories. She uses her blog to promote her store and also uploads pictures of models in her clothes as to give the reader (or potential buyer) a good idea of how they would look in person. She is quite popular amongst girls (14 – 25 years of age) who wish to own brightly coloured, whimsical dresses with lots of bows and ruffles!

Sam Brown ( who is famous for his comic Exploding Dog recently started blogging at tumblr ( to promote his art and inform his readers of any upcoming book deals, webcomic conferences, indie comic festivals or local art festivals. He asks his readers to send him titles and based on that, he draws a picture. I used to follow his website for years and even met him at the Annual Toronto Indie Comicbook Festival last year! He is one of the many struggling artists in Toronto who is striving to find an audience who appreciates his art. When we spoke, he explained how he found tumblr as an excellent medium to share his comic with those interested in buying his art or his books.

The Blogosphere is a big positive space for people to share their experiences as well as personal reviews about different products. Silkfair enables its members to create blogs that allow them to share their crafts with their readers and thus, giving them an opportunity to promote their product. Members can write a little about themselves and what their story is, as well as an explanation of the features of the product they are selling. The option for leaving feedback for the seller is available to the buyer which is a useful addition to the blog and allows for communication between the buyer and the seller. It is also a valuable tool for reference in case of potential-buyers. Blogging and shopping together never seemed this easy before! Silkfair member HookYarnInker uses her blog to beautifully share her stories with the community.

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