Notes from our thrilling journey down the silk route

Number 10 – Funky pendents with anecdotes by Bijoujuju


Product: Uber cool pendants! This seller has personalized each pendant by writing a funny story or anecdote behind each one! Each pendant is funky with a modern twist; designs range from abstract art, graffiti, pictures of animals or cartoons, etc. One of them even features art by the seller’s hubby that was commissioned for the Day of the Dead art exhibition in Louisiana. So if you ever want to invest in a pendant from Bijoujuju’s store, you can have a cool story to tell your friends!

Rank: 10

Seller: Bijoujuju




Number 9 – American Indian crafts by Little Feather Designs

Product: Seller makes American Indian arts and crafts. Items for sale include: pillows, dreamcatchers, ghost masks, baby quilts and cushions. The materials used are mainly cotton and ribbons, but the work is absolutely exquisite! Also available are fictional stories about Native American girls and boys.
Rank: 9
Seller: Little Feather Designs 



Number 8 – Button craft by All About the Buttons


Product: Buttons, buttons, buttons! A life without buttons would be so sad! Bright and cherry buttons can make or break one’s day. This seller has used buttons to make necklaces and barrettes and also uses them on her knitted bags and purses. 

Rank: 8

Seller: AllAboutTheButtons




Number 7 – Fused glas brooches by Cats in the Glass Houses

Product: brooches made out of fused dichroic glass! I especially love that the seller is not afraid to experiment with bold color combinations. Personally, I think brooches are versatile; you can use them in your outfit in so many different ways. You can pin them on your jacket, or your purse. I would even clip one to my hair band and pass it off as a fancy jewel!
Rank: 7
Seller: Cats in Glass Houses

Number 6 – Polyclay sculpture art by Funky Folky Sculpture


Product: This store features very unusual looking sculptures. So if you’re looking for a weird decorative wall hanging, fridge art or just a random magnet, JACKPOT! These sculptures are loud, wacky and turn heads! The dolls are made out of polyclay and glass. Each of them comes with a different expression, story or a dilemma.

Rank: 6

Seller: Funky Folky Sculpture




Number 5 – Glass jewelry by Beads Me

Product: Jewelry made out of glass beads! What I really like about this seller is that they take into account that not all potential buyers would have the same taste in accessories. Thus, there is a wide variety of items available in her store: chunky, delicate, dainty, etc. They came in different shapes and sizes and some of them have flower patterns that are absolutely mesmerizing!
Rank: 5
Seller: Beadsme

Number 4 – Silk cushions by Decorish

Product: Craft store that specializes in decorative pillow items produced by artisans living in northern Thailand using only fine quality silk grown in Thailand. The pillows have are made out of silk fabric and have beautiful and sophisticated designs on the front. These couch pillow cases would look absolutely divine against a plain sofa . Seller also makes decorative tissue box covers with Thai floral silk designs!
Rank: 4
Seller: Decorish 

Number 3 – Bold ties for dogs by Dog Ties

Product: Handmade ties for your dog …or cat! Would make a wonderful present for a dog or a cat and how fun is it to dress up your pet anyway? The ties are colorful with funky and sometimes very daring design patterns that sometimes even humans can’t pull off!

Rank: 3

Seller: The Terrier Tie Company




Number 2 – Experimental wood jewelry by Apple Rain 


Product: This seller makes earrings out of wood, wire, glass, shells and onyx beads! I love that Apple Rain are not afraid of experimenting with not-so-traditional items to make jewelry. I find that this technique works in their favour because the store carries some gorgeous and trendy accessories!

Rank: 2

Seller:  Apple Rain




Number 1 – Metal art by Heavy Metal Sculptures


Product: This store features items made out of heavy metal combined by random pieces found by the artist/seller.  Some of the most interesting ones include vases, bracelets, wall hangings, etc. One of the seller’s pieces won 1st place at the Illinois State Fair, 2007. My favourite piece is a bracelet made entirely out of exhaust pipes.

Rank: 1

Seller: Heavy Metal Sculptures






Disclaimer: The views/ratings in this post are from a guest blogger and do not necessarily represent Silkfair’s point of view. 

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“Top 20 most creative items on Silkfair – Part II”

  1. On June 7th, 2009 at 8:34 am Barbra Says:

    Thank you for including me along with these talented artisans!

  2. On June 14th, 2009 at 3:12 am Mandy Says:

    I was so excited to be notified that I was listed here. Thank you.

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