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Gemstone Jewelry has a lot more to it than that charming exquisite elegant look. They have been known, throughout history to impart healing powers for balancing the mind and soul. Gemstones are rare and expensive, which is why a gemstone jewel is the perfect gift to show someone how important they are. The Amani store at Silkfair has an exquisite variety of gemstone jewelry that reflect all there is to it: charm, elegance, grace, beauty and rarity.

The base of each jewel is of gold which helps to magnify the impact of the bold stones within. The designs are one of a kind. Take a look at this 14kt. Diamond, Mystic Topaz, Amethyst and Parasolite Pendant. The amalgamation of the four stones in this pendent helps to create a heavenly effect, by instilling a high degree of peace and trust.

Diamonds inspire concord and love of self and others. They are known to remove all traces of negativity and pessimism by inducing a spiritual awareness. The hues of a diamond are enough to get others in a trance. Diamonds are an emblem of beauty. These exquisite diamond earrings will serve as an ideal gift to the woman in your life.

Gemstones have been deemed as expensive. And why shouldn’t they? The impact gemstones have is greater and better than any medicine; closer to nature and timeless. These pieces are only for the most important person in your life. As they say in Amani language, passionate jewelry, reasonable prices.

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