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If you have an online store then what is your first priority? No marks for guessing here since it’s obviously the sale of their products and for that you need interested buyers. For any store owner, be it the conventional brick and mortar store or an online one, customers are the integral focus. For an online storeowner, driving traffic to their store and then turning that traffic to customers’ matters hugely. There are many ways you can attract right people to your store and promote your shop. Here are few simple ideas to help you promote your online store more successfully in the long term:

Press Releases for your website

Write and submit quality press releases. Make sure that your press releases have news worthy things in it, as well as the right topic to gain the attention of your targeted readers. Press releases are usually one of the best ways to promote online businesses, since they are often caught by influential bloggers and re-reported on their blogs. What better way of reaching those niche communities?

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Banners are the most effective way of advertising. In fact having your own banner is a great way to make your online space more attractive and exciting. It will not only show off your personality but attract customers to your stores.Think about it for a second: your banner is the first thing your prospective customer sees when he sees your store – shouldn’t it be part of the ‘experience’? Shouldn’t it be attractive, so that they are inclined to see your products? Shouldn’t it be comforting, so that they know that are in good hands?

So when you design your store banner, there are number of things to keep in your mind to make your banner achieve the right purpose. That is successful advertising.

Here are few practical tips to make your banner effective:

Attractive Color Co-ordination

Attractive colors makes it eye catching so use vibrant images that are pleasing to the eyes. Just a splash of the right color and your banner ends up looking stylish and chic. The right color choice which suits your business needs will give zing to your website. Make sure that your color choice is in line with your brand attributes. Let’s suppose your website or online store is about wedding dresses then pristine white and graceful colors will portray your store beautifully. So use colors with care on your banner.

Snappy Content

Beautiful background yet monotonous or loud content only waste the potential of banners and no more, so use content that people won’t forget just seconds after reading, use something creative and original. Try creating a catchy phrase that will arouse interest and make people curious. Instead of writing just ‘We have great beads jewelry here’ you can write, ‘Funky Beads are in, so is our jewelry!’ Make sure to use fonts that are readable, clear and attractive. Again, make sure that the text colors are in complete co-ordination with the rest of your banner.

Include your Logo or Store Name

It goes without saying that it’s important to include your logo in your banner. Your logo is important as it showcases your name and reinforces your brand.

Banner Size

The more time it takes your banner to download, the more are the chances of losing a potential customer. The smaller the banner is, the faster it loads. The ideal file size of a banner is minimum 10KB, decreasing it more will however, result in compromising with quality and impact of the banner. So make sure that your banner is not too large or too small and just the right size to be convenient and impactful.

Just selling your product at a reasonable price is not the best way you’ll get a reliable customer base. The art of selling requires you to truly value your customer. Following are a few tips for the online sellers that will help you in making a wide customer base that is bound to get more customers for you, in turn earning you respect and reliability as a seller.

1. Follow up with your customer, after the transaction. Just providing a warranty card is not enough to build your customer base. Ask your customers regarding their buying experience; the service, the quality of the product, any difficulties faced by them with regards to the transaction. Such conversations with your buyers are the first step towards building a healthy rapport.

2. The second step that you can adopt is of sharing tips regarding the products that you have sold, with your customers. For example, if your customers have purchased an antique item, say this Victorian sterling silver ladies watch pin, you can share tips on how to maintain the sleek look, what chemicals to use, what not to use. The dos and don’ts of it all.

3. Another tactic that you can adopt is to keep reminding your customers about your store in subtle ways. You can send them greeting cards on special occasions, such as Easter or invite them to gatherings related of their interest.

4. Keep them updated on the latest happenings, your latest products, special offers. Notify them about deals that they might be interested in.

5. Encourage them to send in their feedback and reviews. Value their feedback. Try to solve out any discrepancies that they might feel are present in your service/products.

In short, try to make the transaction an experience for them, not just a simple game of trade. Satisfied customers will lead you to have an even bigger customer base, since your power tool is the word of mouth marketing. Personalizing the buying experience for your customers is a great way to build long-term relationships with your customers.

Online shopping has made its mark in the marketing arena. Relationships can be built between the buyers and the sellers,  providing both of them explicit advantages. Of course, the buyer needs to be sure of the quality and standard of the product he’s about to purchase. Just like in the real world, we would bombard the salesman with innumerable questions regarding the product, the same way the online world has now various options open to the buyer, to make the online buying experience just as comfortable and prudent.

Silkfair, in this regard, has been particularly concerned about providing its customer community with an enriching online buying experience. Firstly, the seller profiles are aimed at providing information that would help the buyer know more about the company/individual. We have also integrated an instant messaging service as well. Also, you can go through detailed information related to the product materials and techniques used. This way, you can ask questions related to the product from the seller himself, just as you would inquire the salesperson in the shop when seeking an item. Here’s the snapshot of a store , 123 Craft and Yarn supplies:


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Incorporating hair accessories into your wardrobe happens to be one of the best ways to define one’s personal style. Sometimes a fabulous hair accessory can make or break the outfit. Adding something as small as a hair band to a simple outfit consisting of pants with a plain collar-shirt (maybe to a job interview) exudes a confident demeanor as well as expresses your individuality. You don’t have to be an accessory maniac but don’t hold yourself back from experimenting with your hair and finding out what works for you. Good accessories are handy in a wardrobe. A scarf or a hair band may keep your hair from flying all over the place before you reach your 9 a.m. lecture. A hair clip can push those bangs off your face. A brightly colored flower can bring out your eyes. A nice hat can either provide shade from the sun or keep you warm on a chilly night. A cute little barrette gives out a flirty vibe for a night out in town!

Sometimes the finishing touch to an outfit that needs just a little bit of tweaking usually requires a hair accessory to complete the look. Trying new things is always tricky, but the key thing to remember is that accessories can be mixed-and-matched. This enables you to wear the same outfit twice but look completely different by simply switching up the accessories! So next time before leaving the house, take a quick look at your appearance in the mirror. What seems to be missing? Be daring. Surprise yourself. Who knows, that Marimekko-inspired print on the scarf tied around your pony-tail may lead the women on the subway to strike up a conversation with you by complimenting your style. Accessories come in many weird shapes and sizes and tend to compliment short or long hair, be it wavy or spikey! Online shopping sites are fabulous sources were one can search for snazzy little hair trinkets, because long gone are the days of mall-shopping and Claire’s!

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With Easter getting closer, the talented minds across the blogosphere have begun to share great ideas, designs and thoughts to make our Easter better, organized and livelier. 

We’ll be covering Easter ideas with our communities products later on, but for now – here are some delicious ideas for egg design, brunch table settings, and outdoor decor for your special upcoming easter. 

Read more to see some beautiful Easter ideas. 

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This is a guest article written by Sana Salam on the rationale behind using blogs as a promotion medium for your products. Sometimes its not enough to just list your products on an online store, promoting them is as important. You have to get the word out to others so that they can be directed to your stores. Without getting the word out, there will be no traffic. We’ll continue this series with tips on how to effectively use Twitter and other social networks for promoting your stores. 

If you would like to share guest posts with as well, send us an email and we’ll publish them.  

Read more to see the full article.

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Every girl dreams of owning the perfect wardrobe. Each item they purchase only brings them closer to achieving their goal. However, money doesn’t grow on trees and designer pieces cost an arm and a leg. So where does one look? I love bright things and a good bargain. My favorite place to look for exciting new additions to my walk-in closet is a vintage store. One of the best things about shopping for thrifted or vintage items is that there is a guarantee that the girl sitting next to you in calculus won’t be wearing the same thing as you.

There is also your own personal touch when it comes to layering your pretty goods. You can mix and match different pieces and create your own mini wardrobe-remix. Vintage stores can be a nightmare for some people. You walk inside and don’t know where to begin. There are rows and rows of clothing on racks and shoes on the floor and scarves drapes everywhere! You begin with a list. Keep in mind what exactly do you need and ask a salesperson for help in directing you towards your sizes. Thanks to our super-connected lives, it’s easier to find great products and deals online.

Stay determined and you’ll have the perfect wardrobe with just the right kind of sassy accessories to spice up your daily outfits! I’ve compiled a list of my favourite vintage must-haves with some links/resources to several fashion blogs written by beautiful and successful women who love shopping vintage. (Credits are at the end of the post)

1- The denim skirt.

From KARLA’S CLOSET. You can dress it up or down and wear it with long sweater or a cropped cardigan.

Read more to check out the rest of the 52 beautiful vintage items.

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1. Clean the floors. It will be a good idea to start from the interior. Scrub the floor using a mop cleansed with detergent and anti-bacterial (perhaps even a little bit of vinegar), to bring out the sleek and shine look on your vinyl floors. You can apply a sealer to enhance the shine on your floor for this spring.

2. Clean those corners of the home that don’t get their due cleaning attention – walls, cabinets, racks, tables. Brush off the dust from them and then use a sponge drenched in liquid detergent in a bucket of water to complete the cleaning. Dry it up using a dry cloth.

3. Clean ceiling and light fixtures: Use an all-purpose cleaner with a sponge and a dry cloth for the final finishing. However, brush off any dust beforehand. A great tip to help you really clean it up will be that when you are brushing off the dust, start at the top and then gradually work your way down.

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Fabric painting is fun and creative. If you like painting then you’ll enjoy making cool patterns or designs on your t-shirts or dresses. You can make your own t-shirts, decorate cushions and pillow cases. Make funky and cool jackets and bags.

Here is the guide to help you do fabric painting. Let’s first cover what you need before you start.

What You Need to Start your Fabric Painting Project:

  • Fabric Paints
  • Fabric Brushes
  • Sponge/stencils
  • Plastic sheet to prevent paint to prevent paint seeking into other side of surface
  • Masking Tape
  • Water and water container
  • Palette to mix colors

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