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Gemstone Jewelry has a lot more to it than that charming exquisite elegant look. They have been known, throughout history to impart healing powers for balancing the mind and soul. Gemstones are rare and expensive, which is why a gemstone jewel is the perfect gift to show someone how important they are. The Amani store at Silkfair has an exquisite variety of gemstone jewelry that reflect all there is to it: charm, elegance, grace, beauty and rarity.

The base of each jewel is of gold which helps to magnify the impact of the bold stones within. The designs are one of a kind. Take a look at this 14kt. Diamond, Mystic Topaz, Amethyst and Parasolite Pendant. The amalgamation of the four stones in this pendent helps to create a heavenly effect, by instilling a high degree of peace and trust.

Diamonds inspire concord and love of self and others. They are known to remove all traces of negativity and pessimism by inducing a spiritual awareness. The hues of a diamond are enough to get others in a trance. Diamonds are an emblem of beauty. These exquisite diamond earrings will serve as an ideal gift to the woman in your life.

Gemstones have been deemed as expensive. And why shouldn’t they? The impact gemstones have is greater and better than any medicine; closer to nature and timeless. These pieces are only for the most important person in your life. As they say in Amani language, passionate jewelry, reasonable prices.

Your taste in jewelry can really help you make a statement at all occasions, be it a prom night or a job interview – the way you carry yourself matters! The right embellishments can do wonders, while the wrong ones can make you appear as a complete fashion disaster. The key is to wear things that complement and enhance your personality. While choosing ornaments for yourself, you need to make sure you’re looking in the right places for the right things. Uniquely E Jewelry is a store that can effectively cater to this need… that too at very economical prices.

New and progressive design techniques are used in the creation of each piece in order to inspire individuality and flair. Natural and understated, flirty and feminine or fun and funky creations are all available through Uniquely E Jewelry to suit your own style and panache.

These earrings will undoubtly add the “wow” factor to your attire, and make a blah look take a 360 degree turn to appear immaculately brilliant! The intricate eastern touch fused in which sleek and shiny timeless pearls, makes these dangling earrings a must for party wear.
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Number 10 – Funky pendents with anecdotes by Bijoujuju


Product: Uber cool pendants! This seller has personalized each pendant by writing a funny story or anecdote behind each one! Each pendant is funky with a modern twist; designs range from abstract art, graffiti, pictures of animals or cartoons, etc. One of them even features art by the seller’s hubby that was commissioned for the Day of the Dead art exhibition in Louisiana. So if you ever want to invest in a pendant from Bijoujuju’s store, you can have a cool story to tell your friends!

Rank: 10

Seller: Bijoujuju




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Number 20 – Classy crockery by TeaSetSeller


Product: Very elegant. This seller offers high end, delicate tea sets for your fancy tea party needs! Who knows when your girlfriends decide to make a sudden appearance one fine evening? This may be your chance to surprise them -Marie Antoinette style!

Rank: 20

Seller: Tea Set Seller




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Looking up a gift is indeed an arduous task. The drill can go on for days, with you searching high and low for something that might just stand out. A gift which might be just like all others but at the same time unique. Sunshine Baskets in this regard is a commendable venture aimed to take your worries away and design a one-of-a-kind product for you to gift wrap and send. 

The best thing about this store is the diversity and versatility of all their products. No range of the same item is the same. The variation is from something with elegance dripping from all sides to a creation that is completely funky, catering to the choice of almost everyone out there. For example if you’re thinking of gifting your wife or your mother a tea pot, you can find this Victorian teapot, which has elegance stamped all over it. 


Yet, if you’re looking for a present for your little sister who has recently developed an interest in the kitchen, this Snowbob and bud tea pot will be the perfect pick.


Sunshine baskets really allows its customers the chance to choose the perfect gift, owing to their valuable collection. Excellent quality of products makes purchasing from this store a good option. And in case the receiver of your present resides in Las Vegas, the store can take up on themselves to locate the gift of your specification and send it over – thanks to their personal shopping service that will save you all the hassle and the worry! As a plus point, all the gifts you purchase in this store are wrapped in baskets customized to fit the occasion, be it a birthday or a wedding day. Oh, and I almost forgot to mention, bulk orders receive great discounts! 

So visit the store today to avail their great incentives for all those shop-a-holics out there! Who knows… you might find the perfect trinket.

Sea shells have been used through the ages as currency, tools, as religious symbols, in architectural design as well as in art. Apart from the immense historic importance of these sea treasures, the flamboyant seashells can be used to make a multitude of crafts. Shell World features seashells collected from across the globe rendering a strikingly beautiful art gallery of these little treasures from the ocean.

The collection in this store is great for adding that organic touch to your surroundings. Sea treasures induce a sense of freedom and peace. This top seashell pearl highly polished is glistening with the elegance. The presence of this little jewel in your drawing room will induce peace and calm, as shells themselves are considered to be representative of the divinity associated with the Greek god, Venus.

This fabulous cluster of Littorina Dyed Rainbow seashells can be used to decorate that mundane photo frame or better still, as adornments for the front door wreath. However, if time doesn’t permit you for these crafts, you can simply fill a vase with sand and mix these cute little beauties in them to showcase in your lounge. Ideal for the summer beach look!

You can use these bright Spondylous Ducallis Oyster Shells to make seashell candles you can use in your garden party table. With colors set for the summers, these shells complement the mood of the season- fun, loud and totally hip!

Shells are mystic elements. Fragile and diverse they depict a world of their own. Shell World has taken the responsibility of bringing these immaculate wonders to the surface for you. With a 100% feedback with 1781 satisfied e-bay customer, the store promises a satisfying buying experience for all its online customers.

Collecting rare, vintage or antique items is a hobby many people out there entertain. After all, it depicts your taste and style, not to mention the value and prestige of such products. Collecting the specialties of different countries or of different era shows your appreciation and respect. Each item at World Wide Treasure, is a collectible you must get your hands on. Each item is unique. Each item depicts an immaculate history.

Try on the Chinese wealth and Prosperity ring, or the Charles Lindberg commemorative belt buckle; the Indian Head Penny Pendent or the fresh water cultured pearl necklace- all will show your appreciation of the cultures around the world. Not only would these treasures embellish your persona but will also serve as great decor items to be showcased in your curio.

Different from the “oh-so-chic” jewels flooding the market, these little treasures are valuable, even though economical; they’re always in fashion. Wear an evocative piece of olden times and flaunt your style.

A dull décor can really inject monotony in the air which is why everyone yearns to try different decorative tips and tricks to really spruce up the interior and add that element of exclusivity which really makes your surrounding appear alluring. You don’t have to go through the hassle to hire an interior designer, just check out these great vases at Ultimate Décor that can liven up every dead nook and every bare centre table. These exquisite vases casted with the utmost creativity will immediately make your guests go “wow” at your spectacular taste in home décor.


Since summers are here and the heat is on, a great idea would be to brighten up the décor and incorporate the summer feel in your house. These bright and loud vases perfectly complement the summer theme. Embellish them with some fresh sunflowers to really get in to the groove for the summers.

It really is the Ultimate Décor! 🙂

You don’t have to look like every other person on the street or office. Sometimes, defining your own style and going bold helps build your own “personal brand”. One way to do that is to wear stuff that you know NOBODY around you would have – and it doesn’t have to be expensive… just different. Check out this Naughty Monkey‘s reconstructed, reversible tank top with appliques, lace and sequins. How many people would be wearing this to your next night out with friends? How many people would excitedly ask where you got it? Come on – dare to be different.

Well who would have thought that buttons could have served as such amazing embellishments, but the crafts at Allaboutthebuttons substantiates this. All the crafts in this store have been festooned with buttons, and as a plus point, have been made with recycled materials with the utmost precision and creative flair.

Elegant, exquisite and classy is how we would describe this hand made clock. A CD serving as the foundation of this wonder, with the face decorated with paisley paper and beads n buttons, this exclusive clock is ideal as a home décor item at an amazingly affordable price of just $14.00!

Totally chic! This Barrette has been embedded with red heart buttons, regular buttons and beads transforming an apparently plain barrette in to a completely stylish hair accessory you can flaunt.

Rashes from seat belts on the neck are a norm while driving in the heat. These handy cotton knit neck savers, made from 100% cotton is just what you need to protect your neck from the scratches of the seat belt. And the best thing about them, they won’t slide down even an inch protecting you throughout your drive!

Just like the neck saver, the creative aesthetics of the crafters of this store have come up with two other very handy products. Take a look at this little bag that can be used as a soap sack to fit in all those slivers of soaps in the house, or you can use this as an iPod holder, a cell phone holder or a make up bag.

This magnetic bookmark is a perfect gift to go along with a great book, able to hold the marked page in style. The best part about this book mark being that you can use it to even mark the paragraph you were on. Traveling is fun and this book mark is a must for all the devoted readers out there.

Affordable prices, great designs and handy products. This store is a must to visit. And the best thing is, all the products can be customized to your favorite theme or color on a special order.

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