Notes from our thrilling journey down the silk route

No matter what part of world you live in to, no matter what race or creed you belong to, parents are held in high esteem in every part of the world. For any child, fathers are icons of strength and are special in the eyes of their children. Since life is so busy in this hectic era, its not everyday you get to tell your dad that how much he means to you. This father’s day, take some time out to think about how much he means to you… how he has helped you become who you are. Let him know how much you value and respect him. Show him appreciation by writing a poem for him or making a card or just simply buying him a gift that shows you care.

Silkfair sellers have a lot of cool gift items that you can get for your father. Browse through the wide-range selection to find what he would like. Add something great in his wardrobe in form of a great tie or cufflink or you can give him a cool gadget.  Gardening tool or home improvement appliances can make very practical gifts as well. A sporty father always loves getting sports accessories, or if you really know his taste then add couple of great movies or music to his collection. Be thoughtful.

April 2009 has been an important month in more ways than we know. With the economy taking a downturn, the new elected bodies, more power to the voice of the average citizens – it seems that issues of global conscientiousness have finally taken a different face.

This year, more bloggers are talking about issues of political-interest-driven-wars… more people are signing up petitions against global environmental concerns… more intellectuals are debating over ways of enhancing resources… more people are turning to greener ways of living… more consumers are adopting frugality and practicality… more buyers are turning to handmade or recycled items as opposed to mass-produced things. More kids are aware of reducing carbon footprints. 

It’s great to see such awareness around us. It gives us a feeling of oneness with the rest of the world, no matter how dire the global political situations.

We just wanted to thank all of our friends and members who have been promoting greener living for the past few months, by doing what they do best: sharing ideas and products that can encourage others to take the leap as well. Going green is not just a fad philosophy anymore, its the need of the day. It requires us to think prudently about our future generations and the world that we want to leave behind for them.

Starting today, you can make wiser buying decisions. You just need to have the will.. and the right mindset. Happy Earth Day to all silkfair members out there. Thanks for doing your part in helping to make the world a better place for everyone.

Incorporating hair accessories into your wardrobe happens to be one of the best ways to define one’s personal style. Sometimes a fabulous hair accessory can make or break the outfit. Adding something as small as a hair band to a simple outfit consisting of pants with a plain collar-shirt (maybe to a job interview) exudes a confident demeanor as well as expresses your individuality. You don’t have to be an accessory maniac but don’t hold yourself back from experimenting with your hair and finding out what works for you. Good accessories are handy in a wardrobe. A scarf or a hair band may keep your hair from flying all over the place before you reach your 9 a.m. lecture. A hair clip can push those bangs off your face. A brightly colored flower can bring out your eyes. A nice hat can either provide shade from the sun or keep you warm on a chilly night. A cute little barrette gives out a flirty vibe for a night out in town!

Sometimes the finishing touch to an outfit that needs just a little bit of tweaking usually requires a hair accessory to complete the look. Trying new things is always tricky, but the key thing to remember is that accessories can be mixed-and-matched. This enables you to wear the same outfit twice but look completely different by simply switching up the accessories! So next time before leaving the house, take a quick look at your appearance in the mirror. What seems to be missing? Be daring. Surprise yourself. Who knows, that Marimekko-inspired print on the scarf tied around your pony-tail may lead the women on the subway to strike up a conversation with you by complimenting your style. Accessories come in many weird shapes and sizes and tend to compliment short or long hair, be it wavy or spikey! Online shopping sites are fabulous sources were one can search for snazzy little hair trinkets, because long gone are the days of mall-shopping and Claire’s!

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[Via Jewelry Making blog at the Craftsgossip Network] The Baltimore Convention Center is going to see more than 700 of the country’s leading craft artists gather under one roof to showcase their latest handmade designs for the American Craft Show in Baltimore from Feb27 thru March 1st.

Expect to see high quality jewelry, furniture, clothing, home decor and other such items for purchase. Also they have two interesting new categories in CRAFT 4 KIDS (objects designed for kids and family heirlooms) and GREEN CRAFT (which highlights artists that use found, recycled materials and sustainable techniques).

Sounds like great fun! So if you’re in the area, do check it out!

Friday, February 27 (10 am – 9 pm)
Saturday, February 28 (10 am – 6 pm)
Sunday, March 1(10 am – 5 pm)

Buy Tickets Online
$14 per person
$20 for a two-day pass
$25 introductory new membership at the Show only
Children 12 and under free
American Craft Council members admitted free.

Here’s their Facebook profile