Notes from our thrilling journey down the silk route

Well who would have thought that buttons could have served as such amazing embellishments, but the crafts at Allaboutthebuttons substantiates this. All the crafts in this store have been festooned with buttons, and as a plus point, have been made with recycled materials with the utmost precision and creative flair.

Elegant, exquisite and classy is how we would describe this hand made clock. A CD serving as the foundation of this wonder, with the face decorated with paisley paper and beads n buttons, this exclusive clock is ideal as a home décor item at an amazingly affordable price of just $14.00!

Totally chic! This Barrette has been embedded with red heart buttons, regular buttons and beads transforming an apparently plain barrette in to a completely stylish hair accessory you can flaunt.

Rashes from seat belts on the neck are a norm while driving in the heat. These handy cotton knit neck savers, made from 100% cotton is just what you need to protect your neck from the scratches of the seat belt. And the best thing about them, they won’t slide down even an inch protecting you throughout your drive!

Just like the neck saver, the creative aesthetics of the crafters of this store have come up with two other very handy products. Take a look at this little bag that can be used as a soap sack to fit in all those slivers of soaps in the house, or you can use this as an iPod holder, a cell phone holder or a make up bag.

This magnetic bookmark is a perfect gift to go along with a great book, able to hold the marked page in style. The best part about this book mark being that you can use it to even mark the paragraph you were on. Traveling is fun and this book mark is a must for all the devoted readers out there.

Affordable prices, great designs and handy products. This store is a must to visit. And the best thing is, all the products can be customized to your favorite theme or color on a special order.

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  1. On May 29th, 2009 at 7:59 am Barbra Says:

    Thank you so much. What a wonderrful write-up!!!

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